The History of a Bourbon Classic

All Good Things Come with Time…Especially Bourbon.

Introducing Golden Sheaf Bourbon Whiskey, a masterful blend of perfection forged over 150 years of illustrious history. Dating back to its inception in 1866, this extraordinary bourbon swiftly captured the hearts of celebrities and esteemed leaders, including presidents, owing to its unparalleled blend and exquisitely smooth flavor profile. Its awe-inspiring impact on American culture during that era was so profound that it graced the cover of the revered Life magazine, a testament to its significance in shaping the nation’s taste and preferences.

Golden Sheaf Bourbon a Taste of American Heritage.

Despite an initial era of glory, Golden Sheaf Bourbon faded into obscurity for a century. However, we stand poised with a resolute objective: to rekindle the embers of this iconic bourbon and reestablish it as a cherished symbol of American freedom and pride. With unyielding dedication, our mission is to reintroduce this storied bourbon to the world, enshrining it as a timeless fixture in every American home.

We firmly believe that Golden Sheaf Bourbon embodies more than mere libation; it embodies a profound tribute to the core of American culture and tradition. With every luxurious sip, one can sense the very essence of American freedom and the indomitable pride that emanates from being part of this great nation. Its velvety smoothness and unparalleled blend render it the perfect accompaniment to any occasion, whether it be a cherished family gathering, an elegant evening out, or a quiet moment of serenity.

1866: Golden Sheaf is born in Omaha, Nebraska

  • The legendary brand was founded by Peter Iler & company in 1866 in the heartland of America.

1875: Produced by the third largest distillery in the United States, producing over 13,000 gallons of volume daily.

  • The distillery was located on the banks of the Missouri River near Omaha, Nebraska, which provided a steady water source for the whiskey.

1900: Golden Sheaf is a favorite of presidents and celebrities and is featured on the cover of Life magazine.

  • Golden Sheaf was known for its smooth flavor and its high quality.

1920: Prohibition hits.

  • While most distilleries were forced to close during Prohibition, Golden Sheaf was one of eight producers invited by the Government to continue producing for medicinal purposes. However, the owners decided to close their doors voluntarily to build what would become the legendary Omaha Stockyards.

1933: Prohibition ends, but Golden Sheaf does not reopen.

    2020: One hundred years after closing, David Mark Young and his team revive Golden Sheaf, bringing it back from the barrel.

      2020: Golden Sheaf Bourbon wins a Silver Medal for the ‘4-10 Year category’ in the US Open Whiskey Competition.

        2020: Nebraska’s Original Bourbon is officially back.

          2022: wins Platinum and Double Platinum in the 2022 ASCOT Awards.

            2023: Golden Sheaf kicks off the year, winning 2 additional platinum medals.

              David Mark Young continues his commitment to reviving the Golden Sheaf brand, bringing his unique blending style to a new generation of bourbon lovers.

                The Bold Vision for Golden Sheaf

                Our unequivocal vision is to see Golden Sheaf again assume its rightful place as a cherished household name. We are fervently determined to reintroduce this iconic brand to a new generation of discerning Americans who appreciate the craftsmanship of a superior bourbon and relish in its rich historical tapestry. With pride, we embrace our role in this monumental journey, eagerly anticipating the day when we share this exceptional bourbon with connoisseurs across the globe.

                Golden Sheaf embodies a philosophy far grander than a mere beverage; it symbolizes an emblem of American tradition and freedom. Within every golden drop flows the legacy of generations past, and within every sip, we pay homage to a history that shaped a nation. So, raise your glass high, and together, let us savor the essence of American tradition, the spirit of liberty, and the boundless promise encapsulated within Golden Sheaf.

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